Cork leather is an amazing product. Produced in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, cork is a product of the Cork Oak tree. Unlike leather, made from the skins of animals, the cork is harvested without damaging or killing the tree. This means Cork Oak forests are left to grow, provide habitats for native wildlife, and sequester CO2 from the atmosphere.

This vegan product not only looks amazing, but is lighter than leather, water-resistant,  and low maintenance. You can easily clean your Fashiopurse with a drop of dish detergent and damp cloth, keeping your bag looking good no matter how busy and hectic your lifestyle.

Each and every Fashiopurse is hand-crafted with meticulous care. Most products are lined with water resistant fabric and incorporate construction methods like hidden and protected seams to make sure our items will stand the test of time. We know you will enjoy your Fashiopurse bag or wallet knowing that it will hold up for years to come.

Why Cork Leather?

Jennia started her career in fashion when she was 9 or 10. As a girl, she desperately wanted a very short dress, a style that was fashionable at the time. The best solution at the time seemed to be altering her mother’s dresses in an attempt to get the style she was looking for. Instead, she angered her mother who said, “Now you have to find fabric and make a dress for me.” Jennia found some fabric, made friends with a woman who was a seamstress, and learned how to make a dress.

With her new-found love of sewing, she decided to enter the world of fashion design professionally. She graduated from design school and worked in the wedding industry for many years, creating custom wedding dresses for clients.

But Jennia decided it was time for a change. When she discovered cork leather, she knew she could use her skill to create beautiful accessories that are vegan and eco-friendly. She continues to expand her accessory line and opened her online shop in 2019.

About Jennia

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